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Testimonials from a range of stakeholders

Literacy Support - Paint a Thousand Words

Primary School Teacher feedback

It was different from anything they’ve ever done. It gave different kinds of learners the chance to connect and express. Pupils of different abilities could access this and contribute. 

It helped me take time to generate ideas for talking and listening. I would never have thought of those ideas but might now be tempted to try.

There were significant improvements noticed in the end of year baseline assessments for almost all of the students. The use of language and content was much improved with children using features such a similes. The children were much more enthusiastic about writing and the stories were far more imaginative than previously recorded.


The strategy of up-levelling from simple sentence structures worked really well. Setting up the imaginary recording studio allowed them to peer assess and improve sentence structure for imaginary and real audiences.


Pupil comments

The classes are more verbal and more understandable. We are writing a bit but it's done in a fun way.

Doing the activities can help you to get along with people - and get to know people.

It's more fun and more energetic and more like you want to do it.

I really listened into it and wanted to make a story in my head rather than just not pay attention.

It's good to have a different perspective... It will definitely make you more creative.

It makes a big difference because we're not sitting in the same classroom all the time listening to the same person.


Creativity Across the Curriculum - The Art of Learning 

Primary School Teacher feedback

It has been lovely to have the opportunity to be a part of this project. I've enjoyed it thoroughly and really appreciate all the work that went on behind the scenes to create something that had such a positive impact on my children.

The Art of Learning has changed the children’s problem-solving skills and I think that’s because they’re working more as a team and having to listen to other people’s perspectives before coming to an ultimate decision.

It has changed my teaching by approaching things from a creative perspective; I’ve been bolder in my lesson choices, even changing the way I organise my classroom.

I’ve got a lot of new ideas for my own practice that I’ll take forward; I feel a little braver in doing this kind of learning.

I’m really keen for the whole school to embed this project as I think this style of learning will really benefit the children that we have in this school.

Amazingly, what the artist got the children to do with the Haikus would have taken me about three weeks. But the artist did it in a single session.


Pupil comments

The Art of Learning is fun, it’s new and it teaches you a lot.

It feels good to let your imagination and emotion take control of your writing.  


You are free to let everything run wild.

We got to do lots of fun things to help us understand.

It was calm and relaxing and it made me feel happy.

I like to learn this way because it's fun and you get to work with other people.


English Literature Support - Shakespeare, Arthur Miller, TennesseeWilliams and contemporary Scottish texts

Secondary School Teacher feedback

Pupils involved in these sessions could not fail to have their appreciation of the subject matter enhanced. Inevitably this would lead to a better and more comprehensive understanding, which in turn should produce improved results.

This was collaborative learning, as it should be experienced; the classes were well prepared, the pupils learned a great deal and above all enjoyed the whole process.

They certainly appreciated a more informal approach and this has helped them to appreciate the text more. They genuinely enjoyed the lessons and benefited from seeing Shakespeare presented in a way non-drama folk are unable to!

Both sessions were extremely enjoyable, informative and useful. Involving the class in the acting and directing of the scenes allowed them to be effective contributors and also gave them a fresh insight into drama. The knowledge they gained about dramatic techniques will be useful both this year and next- when they start the Higher course.


Thank you so much for coming in today and doing a super lesson with my higher class. We really enjoyed it and got a lot from it. You really made us think differently considering the nature of Greek tragedy.

It was really helpful to me – I learned along with my students. The class has a relaxed and sharing approach to work anyway but this experience enhanced that atmosphere. It encouraged thinking and independent learning.


The content certainly encouraged creative thinking in approaches to Drama. This was excellent use of student time and would love to have more of this kind of activity as an integral part of the higher course.


Pupil comments

…I saw more depth to the text and what the characters may have been thinking…

…helped me understand the language better and visualise the imagery of the plays…

…bits that we perhaps didn’t really understand were analysed and made clear…

…I saw a new meaning to the story that I would never have picked up before…

…turned a boring scene into something that was funny and entertaining…

…good banter when people were chosen to act bits out because it gave us something to laugh at…


Further Education and International Workshops

Staff feedback

Richly informative and motivational - the progress made by all the students was gratifying to see. A very useful introduction to Commedia dell' Arte.

This was a really powerful experience for our students and your contribution was truly inspirational.

Heartfelt thanks for everything you brought to this year's summer school. The students really appreciate your experience and passion for Shakespeare and the classical tradition. It is hard to imagine this project without your input.

Student comments

Thank you for your wonderful workshop. The feedback, suggestions, examples and encouragement all at the same time are a testament to your teaching abilities and passion for the subject. 

I learned so much from these sessions and gained real insight into the connections between theatre traditions.

It was great working with you and thank you for all the knowledge you gave me. It was an unforgettable experience.


Stage Production CPD

DHT feedback

This was an excellent CPD course for me, particularly as someone with no previous production or directorial experience. I feel much more aware of the intricacies involved and of the level of direction and supervision that is needed when putting on a whole school production. This course has made me feel a lot more confident in my understanding of procedure and terminology and I am very enthusiastic about the design aspect of theatre and production.  This course should be a must for anyone new to productions or with a background in theatre seeking to expand their knowledge.  

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